TRW Fitness Center - Lyndhurst Campus 

(Located at 1950 Richmond Road)

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday:     6:00a - 9:00p

Friday:                         6:00a - 8:00p 

Saturday & Sunday:     8:00a - 4:00p

*The Fitness Center is located on the first floor down the hall behind the West elevators.

Staff is available for membership sign-up/measurements on Wednesdays and Fridays, with the exception of the
1st wednesday and 3rd friday of every month.

Wednesdays: 9:00a - 5:00p
Fridays: 6:00a - 1:00p


Non-EHP year memberships are $240/ year and may be paid for by exact cash, check or payroll deduction.  

Email us at Fitness@ccf.org Call us at 216-444-8765