Employee Wellness Mission Statement:
It is our mission to identify opportunities and deliver resources that support and empower Caregivers by making healthier choices easier, thereby strengthening the culture of wellness throughout the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver community.



Regina Chandler

As an ‘older mom’ of a 10 year-old and younger ‘grandmother’ of 3, I am committed to achieving optimal health and vitality so I can spend quality time with my family, now and into the future.  Incorporating movement into every day, keeping nutrition on track and interacting with others to help them learn and achieve their personal well-being goals are key success factors for me.  I have been with Cleveland Clinic for 15 years and currently serve as Executive Director, Workplace Wellness and as a coach within the CC coaching community under GLLI.   I hold a B.S. in Finance, a M.S. in Positive Organizational Development and Change, and an Executive Coaching Certificate.  Send me an email and let me know how I can help you find resources to support your well-being! 


Samantha Connelly -- Headshot.jpg

Samantha Connelly

Samantha has been with the Cleveland Clinic since 2012.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Mercy College and her Master’s Degree in Nursing Leadership and Management from Walden University.  Her nursing background is in ICU where she always had a passion for wellness and caregiver well-being.  This became a larger passion and priority of hers when she was the Manager of the ICU during the pandemic and she joined the Wellness Team in 2021.  She enjoys mentoring others to achieve their goals and helping others with work life balance and becoming the healthiest version of themselves.  In her free time she enjoys cooking, training for half marathons, reading, and spending time with family, friends, and her dog Daisy.  If you need help with anything Wellness or for your caregivers, please reach out, she would be happy to support you.  




Emily Fox

Emily Fox has an undergraduate in Psychology from The Ohio State University and Master’s degrees in Social Administration and Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University. She has been at the Cleveland Clinic for 16 years and has been in a number of roles during that time. She started as a Clinical Research Coordinator in Molecular Cardiology and then transitioned into Wellness where she has been an Outcomes Analyst, Department Administrator, Director of Employee Wellness, Account Manager, and is now currently a Project Manager. She is also part of the Executive Faculty at John Carroll University where she teaches Executive Communication in their Boler School of Business.



Matt Reifsnyder

Matt has been with Cleveland Clinic since 2014 and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing from Baldwin Wallace University. In his spare time Matt likes to take walks with his wife, daughter and Siberian Husky Roxy. 



Jenn Sauer

Jenn has been with Cleveland Clinic Wellness since 2015. She holds undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Sociology, and is a certified yoga instructor. Currently, Jenn is pursuing a Master of Education at Cleveland State University, focusing on Educational Psychology.




Lindsey Sitko

Lindsey has been with Cleveland Clinic in the Wellness Institute since 2009. She is currently the Department Manager for the Cleveland Clinic Fitness Centers.  Lindsey holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Exercise Science from Kent State University.  She loves spending time with her family and friends whenever she can!



Alexa Stark

A caregiver since 2017, Alexa previously worked in Cleveland Clinic’s Pediatric Institute and Children’s Hospital as an executive secretary. Her bachelor’s degree is from Ohio University.  Alexa launched her professional career in Chicago with Groupon, working in several key positions, including account representative, merchandising campaign program manager, and executive assistant to the vice president of Groupon Goods & Travel. Alexa is thrilled to be part of the Employee Wellness team!


Our primary directive is to create and deliver programs and events designed to raise your awareness and participation in the numerous wellness resources available to you, as members of the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver community.


We want to build programs that work for you, so we invite you to send us your feedback and/or programming ideas. Click on the icons below to reach us via My 'Two Cents' or using direct email.