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Foods that YOU Love That Love YOU Back

Eating well is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are a patient, visitor or caregiver, Cleveland Clinic is dedicated to providing evidence-based healthy food options. A healthy diet can help decrease chronic illness, disabilities and reduce the costs of health care in the communities we serve.

In 2018, Cleveland Clinic launched the Foods that YOU Love That Love YOU Back program. This program focuses on providing foods and beverages that are healthy and delicious.

Phase I of this program targeted the reduction and/or elimination of the following items in prepared and/or sold food and drink items at all Cleveland Clinic facilities: Trans Fat, Fried Foods, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Beverages with Added Sugar or Syrup.

This is just the first step in an ongoing process to ensure patients, visitors and caregivers are making the healthiest food selections possible. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate all food and drink offerings containing the below items by 2020.

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