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CCAC Fitness Center

3175 Science Park Dr, Beachwood, OH 44122 


Monday-Thursday: 6:00a - 8:30p
Friday: 6:00a - 7:30p
Saturday and Sunday: 6:00a - 8:30p

The fitness center is located in the sub-basement level of building 4.   Entrance from surface lot: Take the elevators to "B", follow the hall past the glassed in office. Take the single elevator near there to "SB".

Entrance from garage:  Enter the garage between building 2 & 4. Garage entrance is on the left. Enter, turn left, then keep going down levels on your right, until you are on the last SB level.  There is a single door on the right where you enter. 

Open to Caregivers, spouses, dependents 16 and older.


  • Locker Rooms with showers, and daily use lockers.
    (You can also rent a locker for a year: $60)

  • Variety of Cardiovascular equipment

  • Weight Room with free weights

  • Weight Machines

  • Group studio that can be used by members (only)
    *There are no group classes at this location-currently

    EHP and Non-EHP memberships available.
    Inquire about cost using the below email. 


Questions/Concerns: or 216.444.8765 

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