Hillcrest Fitness Center

 (Located in the basement of the Atrium behind Ross Auditoriums)

     Hours of Operation

    *Employees can exercise when rehab is closed (see below)

    Monday:        Until 6:30a and After 6:15p
    Tuesday:       Until 6:30a and After 6:30p

    Wednesday:  Until 9:45a and After 1:30p

    Thursday:      Until 6:30a and After 6:15p

    Friday:           Until 9:45a and After 1:30p

    Sat. & Sun.:   Open all Day (until 6:30a Monday morning)


 Open to all Caregivers, spouses, and dependents 16 years of age or older.  Free to EHP members who complete the online application & complete measurements. 

 Measurement times for Hillcrest are:

 Mon., Tues. and Thurs. 7am – 6pm

 Wed. and Fri. 8am – 1pm

For more information contact -Shannon Herchick @ 440.312.7999 or sherchic@ccf.org

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