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It is our mission to enhance the well-being of Cleveland Clinic Caregivers, patients and family through individualized exercise prescriptions to improve their overall quality of life.

Personal Training: Our personal training staff is comprised of two fitness specialists that hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in an exercise-related field. Our mission is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through education, motivation and individualization. 

Fitness Assessment: The first step to designing your exercise program is participating in our Fitness Assessment. The assessment will test your body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and muscular strength. These results will teach us more about what is going on inside your body, which will allow us to create the most effective and safe program for you. 


30-Minute Sessions

4    -   $80.00 + $50 Fitness Assessment
6    -   $100.00 + $50 Fitness Assessment
12  -   $180.00 + $50 Fitness Assessment


1- Hour Sessions

4    - $140.00

6    - $180.00 

12  - $300.00

Fitness Assessment - $50
Required for ALL new clients. Included with the hour sessions. 

In person personal training is currently only available at Main Campus - Walker Fitness Center.  

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