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Wellness Champions

Passionate about wellness?
Enjoy helping others feel better? 
We're looking for you!

Here's Why:

As Cleveland Clinic continues to grow and evolve as a 21st century healthcare system, so will the specific needs, interests, and challenges of our caregivers. Our goal at Employee Wellness is to continue to reach caregivers with educational and motivational programming that meets these needs. In order to do that, our team depends on the helping hands of our Wellness Champions. 

Here's What:

Wellness Champions work in collaboration with the Employee Wellness team, and serve as an extension of our team in their own departments and facilities; working to promote a culture of wellness and encouraging participation in Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs. Champions meet for a monthly conference call, where they are able to learn about the programs, facilities, resources, and incentives that are available to caregivers, to help them meet their wellness goals.

Here's How: 

  • Spread the Word: Champions disperse information about wellness programs, facilities, resources, and incentives, throughout their own departments and facilities via word-of-mouth, flyer and sign posting, and/or email delivery.

  • Lead by Example: Champions have a highly visible enthusiastic commitment to wellness. Perhaps they offer up healthy recipes, or encourage fellow caregivers to take a walk at lunch, or catch a yoga class after work.

  • Point of Contact: Champions serve as the first point of contact for the Employee Wellness team when it comes to facilitating events at their locations. They may be asked to help out with logistics and marketing efforts for events. 

  • Get Creative: Champions develop their own programs, contests, and community-building initiatives to promote a stronger wellness culture among their fellow caregivers. The tools below are a great place to start! 

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