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Ensure Your Success

Goal Setting

Setting goals is the first step to ensuring success! Here are some tips to help you create SMART goals:


Make sure your goals are SMART…

SPECIFIC so that you know exactly what you want to accomplish

MEASURABLE with an end point to step towards (such as walking for 20 minutes daily rather than walking just when the weather permits).

ASSIGN the goal -in case you need others to help support you! That's what I'm here for!

REALISTIC instead of far-fetched. Sure, walking 60 minutes a day sounds fabulous, but it may not be quite realistic at this time for you.

TIME-RELATED to mark give you an idea of when you hope to accomplish it and feel successful.


  • To help motivate, first begin by figuring out what is holding you back. Think about any triggers that might lead you to make less healthy choices. After figuring out what's holding you back, consider trying to create a "habit loop", as explained below.

  • Determine a cue that triggers the behavior you wish to develop (set out your gym                        clothes next to your purse).

  • Establish a routine (get through your workout….complete 30 minutes of walking)

  • Give yourself a non-food reward upon completion (after the routine, non-food reward  like a bubble bath or watching your favorite show).

Staying on Track

When you are struggling with staying on plan, or feeling like there’s no progress, and then dig deeper in, you may find that your commitment to change isn’t really that strong. It’s usually happens when we dig in deep to find out “why” we trying to make changes to begin with that the distinction becomes clear.

Sometimes it ends up that we are more “interested” in change. There’s nothing wrong with being interested, it just helps if we know where we stand so we don’t beat ourselves up when we can’t stick with making the changes and are wondering why. Know thyself, comes in handy here. We can then accept that we're not really committed to that right now and move on guilt free or together we can work through shifting from interests to find the things that do inspire us enough to commit to.

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