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Season's Eatings

Put seasonal food on your table; minus the label.
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Fall: Healthy Holiday Favorites
The holiday season is upon us and it’s a great time to gather with family and friends to enjoy your favorite dishes!
Many traditional recipes this time of year tend to be high in calories, processed sugar, and saturated fat. Why not
start a new tradition by preparing a favorite dish with a healthy twist. Skip the heavy cream, added sugar, and enriched flour and substitute with ingredients like almond milk, fresh fruit, and whole grains. Create a tasty, healthier version of your own, which is sure to be a new favorite this holiday season!

This season create a holiday
inspired recipe using healthy, natural ingredients that you love that will love you back!
Send a photo and recipe to by December
31st for a chance to win a $25
Amazon gift card!

Season Eating Entries

Click on title for print out of each recipe
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