Cleveland Clinic School of Yoga 

Modern medicine meets ancient wisdom in our a one-of-a-kind yoga teacher training program.

At Cleveland Clinic, we believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, health or physical fitness. We know body and breath awareness can calm stress and alleviate pain. Mindfulness, breath connection, gentle physical movement and a compassionate heart are cornerstones of our practice. 

Our 200hr teacher training program gives you a strong basis in traditional hatha yoga. In addition, you will learn the essence of Cleveland Clinic Wellness Yoga - that simple movements, done mindfully, can have a profound effect as a method to teach stress management, improve physical health, change behavior patterns and support making healthier choices in life. 


"The instructors have a wealth of experience and  are compassionate and dedicated.  I was excited to learn how to modify traditional yoga poses to make them accessible to everyone, not just a select few.  The teacher training program was wonderful in exploring yoga not only in regard to physical health, but emotional/spiritual health as well."  

- Nancy

"The Cleveland Clinic School of Yoga Teacher Training has provided me with the foundation, knowledge, practice, and inspiration to take it to the next level. Thanks to this training, I have grown so much in strength, inspiration, awareness, openness, and more. 


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