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Go! to Sleep

Improve Your Sleep - Starting Tonight!

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Research shows internet-based programs effective in improving sleep

Cleveland Clinic experts will give you medically backed guidance.

Our clinical study, published in Telemedicine and eHealth, shows clinically meaningful improvements in insomnia severity and sustained improvement over 4 months, underscoring the effectiveness of our online program. 

Why is Sleep So Important?

During sleep, a variety of processes occur to restore our minds and bodies to their normal, healthy baseline. When we sleep poorly, our bodies miss out on the chance to recharge, both physically and mentally. Personal sleep needs do vary depending on the individual, and sleep needs vary further with age, stress levels, and general health. It is fair to say that insomnia is a nationwide problem. 

Does Stress Effect Sleep?

Stress, depression, and anxiety are thought to be factors in at least half of all cases of insomnia. Stress management is an essential component of learning to improve sleep quality and quantity.

Go! to Sleep

Employs "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia," a therapeutic strategy that helps patients to identify and then reframe specific thoughts and behaviors that are interfering with their ability to sleep deeply. 

What You'll Get

  • 6 weeks worth of effective sleep therapy

  • An online sleep log and daily sleep efficiency

  • 6 speically crafteed relaxation practices

  • Daily emails from your program coach

  • Personal progress charts

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