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Dr. Roizens Corner

Want some tips and advice from the Chief of Wellness? Dr. Roizen scours the internet to find the latest and greatest tricks of the trade. 

When Milk Doesn’t Do A Body Good And A Healthy Trip To Chipotle

Low-fat, skim milk consumption has been linked to moderate acne in teens. Kristin Kirkpatrick gives us tips and tricks for a crafting a healthy meal at Chipotle. Plus, get the scoop on whole grain flour.

How Much Water Should You Drink And The Good News About Soda

First up, Dr. Mike and Kristin discuss the amount of water you should drink to prevent weight gain and the good news that soda consumption is down and Americans are eating more healthy nuts.​

Have You Hit The Big 4-0? Hear Dr. Mike’s Advice To Stay Fit And Trim

The older we get, the tougher it is to keep the weight off. Learn what you can do every day. Plus, a healthy diet may help to maintain your mobility later in life and learn if Omega-3s are just a “fish story” or not.

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