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Attention: All yoga has been cancelled until further notice. Stay safe and well!

Wellness Yoga Class Schedule

  • The yoga program schedule aligns with the group fitness class schedule. There are four 12 week sessions per year, with a one week break between each session. 

  • Our therapeutic classes are ongoing, and therefore, will go on as scheduled, unless otherwise noted, during break weeks.

  • Please check the class schedule at the start of each session, as there may be changes.

  • Several of our classes are now open to the patient population, as well as Caregivers. Due to factors of security, privacy, and building logistics, some of our classes are open to caregivers only; these classes are marked as CG Only on the schedule. 

2020 Session Calendar

Session I: January 6 - March 28

Session II: April 6 - June 27

Session III: July 6 - September 26

Session IV: October 5 - December 19

Session 1 Class Schedule
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